Sony a9 action sequences, surfing at the Hurley Pro 2017, Tamron 150-600

These surf photos are 10fps short sequences, shot with a Sony α9(ILCE-9), LAEA3 adapter, and a first-gen Tamron 150-600 lens. The camera settings were 1/2500th, baseiso-iso250, 600mm focal length, aperture wide open, choose “PDAF” in the camera settings. The WSL surf contest location was Trestles CA, for the Hurley Pro 2017. These are some of the best pro surfers in the world.

The autofocus field was set to “wide”, but you don’t see all 693 of the OSPDAF focus points lighting up, due to the restrictions of the LAEA3 a-mount adapter interface. Other caveats that should be mentioned include no continuous autofocus when shooting video, like you’d normally see with a camcorder. When you hit a focus button while shooting video with the LAEA3 on the Sony a9, none of the OSPDAF points light up, but the lens will focus slowly; it’s probably reverting to CDAF. The big question is how that performance compares to using a Metabones ef-mount adapter, with a Tamron 150-600.

Dan Euritt

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