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Macro photography with the Sony a7R and manual focus lenses

These macro photos were shot with the Sony a7R and a Tamron SP Adaptall-2 52BB lens, it’s 90mm f/2.5, manual focus only. Fill flash was a Sony F60M, with the diffuser on for the green spider shots. The smaller spider is a green lynx spider. The big spider is probably a Neoscona crucifera, also known […]

Photos from the Hurley Pro surf contest at Trestles, 2015

Taking photos of surfers from the beach generally requires a long lens and a rudimentary knowledge of the sport of surfing. You can shoot it with shorter lenses, just frame the shot like it’s a landscape photo, with surfing as a minor part of the equation. In this case the photo gear was a Sony […]

Grand Canyon North Rim, Point Sublime photos

Point Sublime is one of the majestic viewpoints in the Grand Canyon. There aren’t too many places there where you can see a view of more than 180 degrees around you, but it can be done on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, at Point Sublime. The road going out to Point Sublime is […]