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24mm SLR prime lens test, fourth round, shot on the Sony a7R

This fourth round of the 24mm legacy prime lens shootout features the cheapest 24mm lens that’s been tested so far; it’s a Vivitar(Tokina, 37xxxxxx serial number) that cost $37. It’s up against the Canon FDn 24/2.8, and a recently acquired Olympus H.Zuiko 24/2.8($117 shipped). If you recall from previous rounds of this shootout, the first […]

28mm prime lens comparison, shot on Sony a7R: second round

In this second round of legacy 28mm prime lens testing, we continue to evaluate the impact of field curvature, at the optimal aperture for landscape shooting. Since two of the lenses being tested are slow 28mm f/3.5 lenses, we’ll also measure light falloff in the corners, using Imatest. The source files for those measurements were […]

Sony a7R at 10000 iso, photos of drag racing at night

This is what the Sony a7R looks like at 10000 ISO, using only ambient lighting from the floodlights at the drag strip. ISO noise reduction on the RAW files was done with DXO Optics Pro 9, using the PRIME setting. There are some comparison photos of the same cars, shot in perfect light on the same day, […]