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Sony a7R preflash and shutter delay measurements

As a photographer, one of the worst things that you can do is to take a picture of someone who has their eyes closed. That is often caused by the preflash of your flashgun, which occurs right before the main flash. The camera is using preflash to test and calculate the amount of light that […]

Wide Angle Camera Lenses on the Sony a7R

The Sony a7R is a 36MP full frame(35mm film size sensor) camera, that many photo enthusiasts purchased with the intention of mounting legacy and 3rd party camera lenses on. The picture quality is outstanding with just about any camera lens, but there can be issues with wide angle lenses, so we’ll highlight that issue in this post. To […]

Mounting Canon FDn lens to Sony a7R NEX adapter

Here is a quick post about mounting Canon FDn camera lenses to a Sony a7 a7R NEX e-mount adapter. The adapter being used is one of the cheap Fotasy units from overseas. Some of these NEX adapters have different labels on the adapter ring, for example, “lock” versus “close”, but the functionality is generally similar. Fotodiox is […]

The pitfalls of putting advertising on your videos

I started putting video on the web back in the mid-’90’s, when the only codecs around were Cinepak(Quicktime), Windows Media(early), and MPEG-1. Youtube hadn’t even been dreamed of back then; you had to host your own videos. The content creation and encoding tools were very limited, and incredibly primitive. I left my job as a […]