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Grand Canyon North Rim photos and Valley of Fire State Park pics

These Grand Canyon and Valley of Fire photos were shot with the Sony a7R and a Pentax-M 28mm f/3.5 lens. Lighting conditions at the Grand Canyon North Rim were mostly flat and gray, with brief glimpses of sunlight at sunrise and sunset, which made photo processing difficult. The views from Cape Royal road were spectacular. […]

50mm prime lens comparison, shot on Sony a7R, first round

This first round of 50mm SLR camera lens testing will cover some of the fast f/1.4 glass. Four lenses total, all 50/1.4; Pentax Super Takumar, Canon FDn, Konica Hexanon AR, and SMC Pentax. Here are the vignetting test results on the top three finishers, at f/1.4. They were all pretty close. Super Takumar: -2.84(f-stops) Canon […]

35mm prime lens comparison shootout, on the Sony a7R, first round

This is the first round of 35mm lens comparison testing, shot on the Sony a7R mirrorless camera. There are four 35mm SLR prime lenses here, and one 35-80mm zoom, tested at 35mm. Testing at the usual landscape distances was done at f/2.8-3.5, and at f/8. This is the longest focal length tested so far, and […]