Grand Canyon North Rim photos and Valley of Fire State Park pics

These Grand Canyon and Valley of Fire photos were shot with the Sony a7R and a Pentax-M 28mm f/3.5 lens.

Lighting conditions at the Grand Canyon North Rim were mostly flat and gray, with brief glimpses of sunlight at sunrise and sunset, which made photo processing difficult. The views from Cape Royal road were spectacular. Way off in the distance, you can see the Colorado River making a loop around a large sandy area. That area is known as the Unkar Delta. Walhalla Overlook is the view in the photo that has the big rock wall on the right side.

Bright Angel Point Trail is a short walk from the Grand Canyon Lodge, and it provides some great views of Bright Angel Canyon. The three big peaks you’ll see there have Hindu names; Zoroaster Temple, Deva Temple, and Brahma Temple.

The Valley of Fire is a state park in Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. Do a little hiking with your camera, and you might be rewarded with some shots of the resident mountain goats.

This is one trip that you’ll want to put on your bucket list!

Dan Euritt

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