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28mm camera lens comparison, on the Sony a7R: first round

The Sony a7R and wide-angle lenses don’t always play well together, as you might have seen in the 24mm lens shootout. The goal in that testing was to find a 24mm camera lens with a flat image plane, which means minimal lens curvature at the edges of the lens. These 28mm lens tests will have […]

24mm lens sample variation: Three Sigma 24mm lens and three Canon FDn 24mm lenses compared

The goal of this comparison is to see how multiple copies from two different brands compare. We are looking at how the sides of the lenses compare in particular, since wide angle DSLR lenses are problematic on the 36mp sensor in the Sony a7R. Since we only have six lenses total to compare, on one […]

24mm camera lens shootout, on the Sony a7R: second round

This second round of 24mm legacy camera lens testing will continue to focus on picture quality at the sides of the image, by comparing wide landscape test photos. As we saw in the first round of 24mm lens testing, there can be a huge disparity in picture quality at the sides, with the Sony a7R, […]

24mm camera lens shootout, on the Sony a7R: first round

Finding a clean 24mm prime camera lens that won’t cost you an arm and a leg is difficult, but finding one that works well on the Sony a7R camera can be a real battle. That’s due in part to the demands that the 36mp sensor in the a7R places on things like field curvature of […]