Macro photography with the Sony a7R and manual focus lenses

These macro photos were shot with the Sony a7R and a Tamron SP Adaptall-2 52BB lens, it’s 90mm f/2.5, manual focus only. Fill flash was a Sony F60M, with the diffuser on for the green spider shots.

The smaller spider is a green lynx spider. The big spider is probably a Neoscona crucifera, also known as a Hentz Orbweaver. Wolf spiders don’t generally make webs, and this spider had spun up a large web. The Hentz Orbweaver is known to eat it’s own web. You can see how this spider wrapped up what looks like a bug, or possibly even some of it’s own web. It only took a few minutes to dispose of whatever the object was. The photographer looked down to adjust the camera, then looked up, and the prey was gone. Serious business in the insect world, check out the mandibles on that spider.

Dan Euritt

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