Glamis 2017 Sand Duning Motorsports Photos Sony a9 150-600 Lens

Time for another round of Glamis off-road madness, shot with the Sony a9 and Tamron 150-600 G1 lens, on Thanksgiving weekend 2017. These photos were taken at Oldsmobile Hill, and at the sand drags. Many of these rigs are specialized high horsepower sand rails, costing upwards of $100k or more. They move at speeds that are a challenge for any autofocusing system, but the a9 did a pretty admirable job of it. The lens was at it’s weakest at the 600mm focal length, and after getting really hot in the sun at one point, it started giving focus errors. Things got better after it cooled down. The LA-EA3 adapter has been updated, so it allows for 10fps.

The first picture, of the canal, was a stack of several images, shot with the Sony A7r and an old Olympus 28/3.5 lens.

Dan Euritt

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