SuperGirl Pro 2015 surf contest photos

Another SuperGirl Pro surf contest is on the books. The surf was small on Friday, but it picked up for Saturday, which is when these photos were taken. Tatiana Weston-Webb won the SuperGirl Pro 2015 contest, after edging out Nikki Van Dijk in the semis, and Courtney Conlogue took a close second place, after squeaking out a win over Sage Erickson in the semi-final round.

These surfing pics were shot with a Sony a7R and the old Tamron SP Adaptall-2 manual focus lens. It’s a 300mm zoom, so it wasn’t nearly long enough, which necessitated severe cropping in order to get the close-up shots. Aperture was f/10, iso1000, 1/2000th shutter speed.

Dan Euritt


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