Hurley Pro 2017 surfing photos at Trestles shot with Sony a9 camera

The worlds best pro surfers met up at Lower Trestles for another WSL surf contest, and it proved to be a historic event, in part because Trestles is not on the WSL circuit for 2018. Of course no one knew that at the time; the news was all about the John John Florence title hunt, Jeep Leader Jordy Smith, etc. In the end, Brazil dominated, with Felipe Toledo and Silvana Lima taking the titles. Felipe was always a contender of course, but Silvana was a surprise, she put on a stunning performance that dominated the worlds best women surfers.

All photos shot with the Sony a9 and the Tamron 150-600mm G1 lens, with the aperture wide open, 1/2000th-1/2500th shutter speed.

Dan Euritt

Glamis 2017 Sand Duning Motorsports Photos Sony a9 150-600 Lens

Time for another round of Glamis off-road madness, shot with the Sony a9 and Tamron 150-600 G1 lens, on Thanksgiving weekend 2017. These photos were taken at Oldsmobile Hill, and at the sand drags. Many of these rigs are specialized high horsepower sand rails, costing upwards of $100k or more. They move at speeds that are a challenge for any autofocusing system, but the a9 did a pretty admirable job of it. The lens was at it’s weakest at the 600mm focal length, and after getting really hot in the sun at one point, it started giving focus errors. Things got better after it cooled down. The LA-EA3 adapter has been updated, so it allows for 10fps.

The first picture, of the canal, was a stack of several images, shot with the Sony A7r and an old Olympus 28/3.5 lens.

Dan Euritt

Anza-Borrego Desert Park: Fonts Point Sunrise & Sunset, Lower Willows Trail

Fonts Point in the Anza-Borrego State Park is a great place to view both sunrise and sunset. At 1,253′ elevation, it looks down on the Borrego Badlands, and you can even see a sliver of the Salton Sea, to the east. The road in is four miles of dirt and fairly deep sand in spots, so passenger cars do tend to get stuck pretty regularly.

If you are looking for a nice hike in the Anza-Borrego park, there is the Lower Willows Trail, which is located in an area that is fed year-round by the Santa Catarina Spring. To get there, you leave the town of Borrego Springs on the DiGiorgio Road, going towards Coyote Canyon. Here are links for more info.

These Anza-Borrego desert photos were shot with a Sony a7R and an old Olympus 28mm f/3.5 film camera lens.

Dan Euritt

Sony a9 action sequences, surfing at the Hurley Pro 2017, Tamron 150-600

These surf photos are 10fps short sequences, shot with a Sony α9(ILCE-9), LAEA3 adapter, and a first-gen Tamron 150-600 lens. The camera settings were 1/2500th, baseiso-iso250, 600mm focal length, aperture wide open, choose “PDAF” in the camera settings. The WSL surf contest location was Trestles CA, for the Hurley Pro 2017. These are some of the best pro surfers in the world.

The autofocus field was set to “wide”, but you don’t see all 693 of the OSPDAF focus points lighting up, due to the restrictions of the LAEA3 a-mount adapter interface. Other caveats that should be mentioned include no continuous autofocus when shooting video, like you’d normally see with a camcorder. When you hit a focus button while shooting video with the LAEA3 on the Sony a9, none of the OSPDAF points light up, but the lens will focus slowly; it’s probably reverting to CDAF. The big question is how that performance compares to using a Metabones ef-mount adapter, with a Tamron 150-600.

Dan Euritt